Elrego Web App


Elrego is a user-friendly web app that helps customers save time and money, by automatically storing and managing the receipts and warranties in a simple, easy-to-use account.  


After a thorough study, the studio was responsible for branding from scratch to the entire product:

logo, graphic language, UX&UI for two target audiences: Store owners and consumers.

Now customers can easily manage their receipts, warranties, contact their warranty providers, purchase extended protection and warranty plans!

Elrego Store owners View

User experience process

The studio embarked on a fascinating

journey of in-depth market and user research


Depth research

In order to know the target audience, the studio embarked on an in-depth research that included:


  • Market research

  • Questionnaires 

  • In-depth interviews 

  • Usage scenarios


Arranging Information

Mapping user flows and creating information architecture


Selected Concept For Target Audiences

The studio began to map the features according to 2 different perspectives:

Store owners and consumers

Prototypes, High Fidelity Mocks, Illustrations & Motion Design


Detailed UX of the entire web app, including the final stage Interactive Prototype


Web App Design

Based on the UX methodology, I initiated

an extensive design process, including rebranding.

Store owners wireframes

Consumers wireframes

Friendly user experience for data purchase

The consumer can view his purchase data from anywhere and at any time, which includes: receipts, products warranties, their expiration date and coupons to redeem

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