Uwork Branding


Uwork specializes in recruiting multilingual employees in the online world, and support employers recruiting process. In this project I built a new graphic language and designed a compatible site that met all the requirements that were defined, working closely with the development team to implement the requirements with high quality, on schedule and on budget.

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Define visual language

For any design project, determining the proper visual language is crucial, therefore I started by market research on Uwork direct and indirect competitors. I examined the trends that characterize this market, and in cooperation with the owner of the company, embarked on a fascinating journey.

Language icons are essential part of the site’s design therefore it was important to produce clean language that merges in the site, and generates a fun surfing experience, which is inviting and friendly. Therefore, I chose to use icons with thin outlines.

User experience & Design

The main challenge I experience when working on site, was the matching of the UX and the design for two audiences:


  • For candidates, the flow has been carefully designed, so they can find what they are looking for in a quick and accessible manner and reach the dream job they are looking for.

  • For employers, an accessible and carefully organized platform, to reach relevant candidates.

Job seeker point of view

Employer point of view

Responsive design

About 50% of Uwork users use mobile devices. It is very important to optimize the design for various screen sizes. Since the beginning, I have kept the mobile usage in mind and made sure that the design is compatible to accommodate user needs.

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